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I missed you for so long. Now that you’re back I realize it wasn’t you I miss, that person doesn’t exist anymore. I wish I could wipe away the memories because I’ll never have them back.

I will never view you as perfect again.


Leaving You

I’ve written essays,
I’ve solved equations.
I’ve read award-winning books,
And I still struggle to write a good hook.

I’ve used a protractor,
I’ve bought many calculators.
I’ve made public speeches,
I’ve gotten to what couldn’t be reached.

I’ve dealt with anxiety,
I’ve dealt with unbearable pain.
I’ve traveled far and wide,
Dealt with cancelled flights and missed rides.

I’m scared of the future,
And still fear from my past.
I’ve lost many friends along the way,
I always hang on to every word people say.

I’ve dealt with self-doubt,
I’ve always been afraid of change.
But putting my head before my heart and leaving you,
Was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

The sad part is that if you had fought for me, I would have stayed.


It’s 1am and I have no desire to sleep or stay awake.